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Parish Vision 2035

Building a "Vision for Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish - 2035"

At the October 2023 Parish Council meeting we agreed to start work on a "Parish Vision", working with community groups and residents, to set out how we want the Parish to evolve in the years up to 2035.

We discussed ideas such as expanding the footpath network & making paths accessible; building a community orchard; providing extra facilities in the Rec and Community Centre; and installing EV charging points - but we want to hear our local residents ideas!

So if you have an idea and want to discuss it with us, or if you would like to get involved in some way, please reach out or come along to our planned Parish drop-in to talk to us about it, on Sunday 10th December at the Social & Community Centre from 9am-11am.

Let’s work together to make our Parish an even more special place to live!

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