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Green Spaces

The Parish Council owns and is responsible for two community green
spaces - The Recreation Ground (fondly known at ‘The Rec’) and The
Crescent Green.

We maintain both spaces with regular grass cutting and strimming in the
growing season and, as funds permit, we have a programme of
maintenance of assets like the benches on the Rec.

The Recreation Ground is also home to our children’s playground, the skate ramp and the trim trail for the more active residents, as well as the Community Book Exchange which is situated near the Rec entrance on Manor Drive.

We are currently running a playground rejuvenation project and more details on this can be found on the Playground Project Page.

New trees were also planted on both the Rec and the Crescent Green as part of the national Queen’s Green Canopy project in celebration of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Our community green spaces are open to the public and are intended as play areas for children and adults alike and therefore the Parish Council’s policy is to not allow dogs onto either space to mitigate this risk of dog fouling and to ensure those residents and other users who are not comfortable around dogs can use the facility freely. The ONLY exception to this is the public right of way that runs across the Rev from the Wolverton Road entrance to the entrance into the eastern field where dogs are permitted as long as they are on a lead. Relevant signage is in place at the various entrances.

We do provide a Dog Bin at the Wolverton Road entrance to the Rec to enable anyone using the path to dispose of any dog mess. More information can be found on our Parish Dog Bins page.

We hope that our residents enjoy our green spaces whether for leisure or exercise or just to sit and read a book!


The Recreation Ground

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Crescent Green .jpg

The Crescent Green

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