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Haversham Social & Community Centre

Haversham Social & Community Centre is a registered charity (charity no. 300276). Its purpose is to provide facilities for the local community to meet and to socialise, and to organise events for the local community. The Centre is held in trust by Trustees and is run by an annually elected committee. It is normally referred to locally as ‘The Social Centre’. At its 2024 AGM on 11th March, a new constitution was adopted for the Social Centre to bring it up-to-date with the Charity Commission's recent changes. You can see a copy of the  full constitution here, or a precis of the changes here.

The Social Centre is based in premises to the rear of Haversham Village School, which were built with money raised by the local community at the time the school was being built. It was transferred to the ownership of Milton Keynes Council and is known by them as an ‘annexe’.


The Social Centre relies on raising funds via the events organised each year and through hiring out its facilities and equipment to remain self-sufficient. Recent grants received during the Covid-19 pandemic have enabled the Social Centre to remain solvent and to make some much-needed renovations.


The premises meet with the criteria laid down by law for accessibility for the disabled and comprise a small meeting hall and a kitchen with good facilities, as well as male and female toilets and one toilet for those with disabilities. In the evenings and at weekends, the Centre also has use of the school’s main hall which is adjacent to the small meeting hall.


The Centre is available for hire for various activities; details can be found here.

Flyer for hire of facilitiesBookings Secretary: Kim Irving at

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Chair:                          Jackie Brown 

Vice Chair:                  Holly Sains    

Secretary:                   Fiona Viney    

Treasurer:                   Natalie Jarman

                                    Barry Clift       

                                    Lesley Gilbert

                                    Louise Reid   


Ex-officio Trustee      Richard Pryor                                                                               (Chair of the Parish Council) 

Co-opted Trustee      Shula Holt      






Haversham Jubilee Club
An afternoon club for senior citizens who live in, or are connected with, Haversham and Little Linford.

The Jubilee Club normally meets on the second Wednesday of each month and provides an opportunity for the older members of our community to get together for conversation and entertainment in a warm and friendly environment. New members are always welcome.

Meetings take place at Haversham Social & Community Centre from 2.30 pm, and generally start with a more formal section (this might be a presentation by a guest speaker or an afternoon of reminiscences on a specific topic, maybe some games) followed by afternoon tea and homemade cakes, with a chance to chat amongst friends. Subs are £2.00 per session, including afternoon tea, and there is a raffle too.

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