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Haversham Village School

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As a school our aim is simple  to offer all children an ‘outstanding’ education that brings out the best in everyone. It is our shared belief that children should receive a broad and balanced education that is rich in terms of knowledge, skills and experiences, developing the ability to question and communicate effectively as well as nurturing them to become self-confident lifelong learners.

We highly value the creative side of the curriculum and the benefits it brings to children’s wellbeing and sense of achievement.

At Haversham, the creative curriculum does not end in the classroom but extends beyond the school day into our extended school provision. This allows for opportunities to develop and learn beyond the classroom. Our wonderful school boasts our own home economics room, a dedicated workshop, a multi-use gaming area (MUGA), a tennis court, an adventure play area, a large playground and plenty of green areas in and around the school.

The schools website page for more information is



Tel      01908 312673

The Head Teacher is Mr David Ley

Chair of Governors is Mrs Melanie Ridgeway

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