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Dog Bins

A clean neighbourhood? We all want it. We can all help to achieve it.


A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) has been brought in across the whole of the Milton Keynes Borough to make it illegal to fail to pick up after a dog, under your control, that has fouled in a public place.  


If you don't clear up after your dog, you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice. If you don’t pay the fixed penalty, you could be faced with being taken to Court, where you could pay a fine of up to £1,000.

Bag it, bin it, take it home

HcLL Parish Council chooses to provide a limited number of bins in strategic dog walking places on public or Parish Council land. These have been placed across our Parish to help aid the reduction of the amount of dog fouling and dog waste bags littering in our Parish. These are regularly emptied by our appointed contractor Warner's of Bedford. Please use these bins provided by the Parish Council,

Don’t leave it. Don’t throw it, Don’t leave it on top of the bin or on the floor, that’s littering. 


There is no Poo Fairy. 


Dog poo is toxic, it doesn’t wash away, ask any parent whose child has stepped or fallen in it. It can take over a year for poo to breakdown. 

If the bins ever become full, don't leave it on top.

Basically this is littering!

Take it to the next bin or take it home. It is your responsibility not HcLL Parish Council's, Milton Keynes City Council's or the rest of the community. Do the right thing and be a responsible dog owner. 


HcLL Parish Council's policy is to support responsible dog owners by providing bins and emptying them. We also maintain an appropriate enforcement service and make full use of current controls, such as CCTV or the Enforcement Officer and resident intel to ensure that dog fouling and waste bag littering is effectively controlled. 


If you know any current or new hot spots, or irresponsible dog owners acting in an anti-social manner in leaving their dogs waste, please let us know by emailing our Parish Clerk at, through our Contact Us page on this website or via our Facebook Page. Our enforcement actions, coupled with community intel will help land people with fines and hopefully the realisation that they need to do the right thing. 

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