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Bumper recycling expected at Christmas

Milton Keynes City Council will be collecting blue and red bins the week after Christmas to help its residents with additional recycling generated during the festive season.

During w/c 25 December, food and garden waste collections will pause to give crews enough time to pick up the additional recycling. Recycling rates usually rise after Christmas when people have additional packaging, wrapping and bottles to dispose of, and the city council is expecting a bumper amount this year after introducing separate bins for paper and card and plastic, metal and glass in September.

The rubbish and recycling collected during the festive period typically goes up by 30% compared to the waste created during the rest of the year.

Early figures show this change is helping local people to recycle more than they used to, which is better for the environment and means the city council can send almost nothing that MK throws away to landfill. The amount of recycling collected in the red and blue bins has in the first two months of the new service has gone up over 35% compared to the same period in 2022. This is partly because of increased confidence in recycling locally, and partly because separating items into two bins or sacks means there’s less contamination, which is where card and paper gets wet or covered in food, which means it can’t be recycled.

Due to the bank holidays, collections between Monday 25 December and Friday 12 January will take place up to two working days later than usual, as below:

Original collection date Revised collection date Bin/sack collection

Friday 29 Dec Tues 2 Jan Black, red, blue

Friday 5 Jan Mon 8 Jan Black, red and green

Friday 12 Jan Sat 13 Jan Black, blue and green

For more information on collection dates go to MKCC's website here Bumper recycling expected at Christmas | Milton Keynes City Council (


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